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data collection, and data management needs


Fast, affordable, and more agile access to the data you need

Leverage Havuta's platform to establish a beneficiary-to-organisation feedback loop to evalute your impact and adjust your interventions as you go. The Havuta data collection solution features blockchain-verified impact data, direct sharing with donors, and the flexibility of incentivized self-completion, assisted self-completion and traditional enumerator-led face-to-face surveys.


Havuta is ideal for real-time monitoring (RTM) and longitudinal studies, including where distances are involved. Havuta surveys can be broadcast through a range of touchpoints, including by app, hyperlink, by SMS, and on our website. Surveys can include media components such as video and voice, as well as real-time interaction. Respondents are incentivized through digitally delivered rewards made possible by blockchain technology.


- More, and better, and longer-term impact data

- Engaged communities for enhanced insights

- Data sharing with donors


Why choose Havuta?

  • Improve your ability to collect data over the long-term, ideal for longitudinal research and tracer studies
  • Capture data continuously to adjust your program and respond to changing needs during implementation, optimizing your resources and maximizing your outcomes
  • Incentivized data collection for stronger beneficiary participation
  • Blockchain technology to prove your impact and incentivize your beneficiaries from technology a distance with seamless, cross-border rewards
  • Enrol your panels before an intervention to gather baseline data and keep them engaged after the intervention through incentivized longtitudinal studies, no matter where they live
  • Permission your donors onto your dashboard to share results
  • Streamline data collection and beneficiary database management through one single point of access
  • Use our open API to connect to all existing software services

Instant access

Sending surveys and collecting data can be done online, instantly from your desktop

Engaging communities over the long-term

with our unique built-in incentivization mechanism. Reward the provision of data to ensure strong panel participation


Your impact data is secure, immutable, and verifiable by your donors


Impact evaluation services

Havuta also works with a growing network of research consultants to conduct studies for you. Our consultants can work with you to design surveys, collect and analyse data, and measure and report your impact. We span Asia and the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. Our full suite offering runs from survey pre-design, design, testing, launching and scheduling to data cleaning, analysis, and reporting.


1. Pre design phase

Defining objectives of the study

Deciding on methodology (qual, quant, inductive, deductive)


2. Design phase

Identifying main questions to be asked
to meet objectives

Analytical methods to be used

Designing the questionnaire

Scripting the questionnaire


3. Testing the questionnaire
(verbally and digitally)

Test for time to complete

Test for logic and skip patterns

Pilot test using target group profiles

Debrief of test group

Make adjustments and finalise


4. Launching survey(s)


5. Scheduling and sending out


6. Data cleaning

Exporting data to SPSS or STATA for cleaning


7. Analysis

Running cross-tabulations against
background variables

Running a descriptive report

Advanced analysis if required



8. Reporting

Developing report(s)

Dissemination of report(s) to stakeholders




9. Connecting platforms

Easy integration with other software platforms

Connectivity with existing data management services


What is blockchain technology?

A blockchain is a chronological record of digitized events. Copies of the network are stored among multiple parties, giving blockchain technology its unique advantage over traditional databases: it cannot be altered. With an unalterable and permanent time-stamped audit trail of data, blockchain technology provides greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency, and reduced costs.

About Havuta

Havuta LLC is a Swiss-based company dedicated to serving the digital data capture needs of the development sector through the use of innovative technology and by promoting internal M&E capacity building.

As the globally recognised symbol of proven, verified impact, our aim is to help you usher your organisation into the next era of impact data collection and analysis.


Paul de Havilland - Director Communications & Strategy

Blockchain sector thought leader with an enthusiasm for disruptive technologies and the role they can play in social impact.


Fabien Dutasta - Director of Operations

Development consultant & entrepreneur creating positive and sustainable change for organisations through out-of-the-box thinking and innovation.


Frank Nankivell - CTO

A technologist and ICT4D expert. With a Masters Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in International Development, Frank traverses the space between NGOs and technology.

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